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When you implement the GLOBALG.A.P. standard with assessment and audit from SGS, you will have access to wider markets.

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For your customers, and end consumers, GLOBALG.A.P. signifies the safety and sustainability of your produce.

Whether you are an independent farmer or part of a group with a management structure, SGS can assess and certify your business systems and processes against the GLOBALG.A.P. standard.

For agriculture, livestock or aquaculture farms, achieving GLOBALG.A.P. certification will deliver many advantages. For example, you could benefit from:

  • Enhanced food safety management systems on your farm
  • Demonstrable commitment to producing and trading safe food
  • Acceptance into the GLOBALG.A.P. community
  • Increased consumer and customer confidence in your product safety and quality

The GLOBALG.A.P. standard is a partnership between agricultural producers and retailers to establish a set of widely accepted certification standards and procedures for good agricultural practices (GAP). Its scope currently covers fresh fruit and vegetables, propagation material, integrated farm assurance (livestock, dairy, pigs, poultry, combinable crops and grains), flowers and ornamentals, tea, coffee and aquaculture.

To access new markets and demonstrate your commitment to food safety and sustainability contract our food safety experts to assess your organization for GLOBALG.A.P. certification.

Taiwan’s Traceability for Agricultural Products (TAP)

In Taiwan the government has established the Traceability for Agricultural Products (TAP) standard. It ensures the accuracy of tracing information from field to fork. We can provide you with a one-stop inspection service for TAP. In addition to audits of your production process’s risk management we can conduct all the tests relevant to your supply chain, such as:

  • Heavy metal testing
  • Insecticide residue testing
  • Nutritional analysis
  • Heavy metal content in soil
  • Hazardous substances

To find out how we can support your organization’s TAP certification, contact your local SGS office today.