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RoHS and WEEE Input Needed

IPC - Association Connecting Electronics Industries is asking the electronics industry for input on the impact of RoHS and WEEE on their businesses for two studies commissioned by DG Enterprises and Industry of the European Commission.

Environment Consultancy and Assistance (ECOLAS) and Risk and Policy Analysts (RPA) will conduct the RoHS and WEEE directive studies. The research teams have created two separate questionnaires to address RoHS and WEEE issues impacting the electronics industry.

The study on RoHS will try to quantify the economic and environmental impacts of the RoHS Directive through a cost-benefit analysis, said IPC. The RoHS questionnaire focuses on compliance costs and benefits, technical costs of RoHS phase-outs, and social impacts with a company profile section.

The study on WEEE will assess the impacts of the Directive on innovation and competition and seeks to identify those factors and requirements which have critical positive or negative effects, said IPC. The WEEE questionnaire focuses on the following topics: company details, overall WEEE costs to your company, costs associated with research and development, producer responsibility schemes and trade issues.

Your company can request that the information provided in the questionnaires be kept confidential.

The questionnaires must be completed by May 25, 2007.

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