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No. 30/2008 The first set of regulations that will be used by the UK to implement the EU Batteries Directive have been laid before Parliament, and will come into force on September 26.
Scope The 'Batteries and Accumulators (Placing on the Market) Regulations 2008', transpose the Internal Market provisions of the Batteries Directive into UK law, outlining the technical requirements that anyone placing batteries onto the market must adhere to.
Labeling on batteries in order to boost recycling rates - which include a crossed-out wheeled bin symbol

Batteries containing mercury, cadmium or lead above a certain level must also be marked accordingly with the appropriate chemical symbol to make them easier to deal with once used

Prohibit producers from placing portable batteries onto the market that contain a 0.0005% level of mercury by weight and 0.002% level of cadmium Exemption Batteries such as those used in emergency and alarm systems are exempted; they must instead be labeled with the appropriate chemical symbol, with similar labeling required for batteries containing lead above 0.004% by weight.
Market The regulations cover the placing on the market of new batteries, and guidelines published by BERR to accompany the regulations explain that: "Only batteries placed on the market on or after this date that do not comply with these Regulations will be prohibited from sale or will be required to be withdrawn from the market."
And, the regulations also address the issue of removing waste batteries from appliances, and difficulties that product design and a lack of instructions allowing an end user to remove waste batteries might create.
The BERR guidelines state that "the regulations aim to ensure that no person shall place on the market any appliance designed in such a way that a waste battery cannot be readily removed from it.
They add that producers "shall ensure that that appliance into which a battery is or may be incorporated with a battery is accompanied by instructions showing how the battery can be removed safely and, where appropriate, informing the end-user of the type of battery incorporated."
The regulations are expected to be published in full on or around August 21.
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