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No. 39/2008 ECHA Member State Committee had a meeting in Helsinki of 7 and 8 October 2008, following a formal decision, included the 15 substances identified as SVHC in the Candidate List and published the list at end of October 2008 on its website.
SVHC 15 Substances

● Anthracene ● Short Chain Chlorinated Paraffins(C10-13) ● 4,4-Diaminodiphenylmethane ● Bis(tributyltin)oxide ● Dibutyl phthalate (DBP) ● Cobalt dichloride ● Benzyl butyl phthalate (BBP) ● Diarsenic pentaoxide ● Bis (2-ethyl(hexyl)phthalate) (DEHP) ● Diarsenic trioxide ● Musk xylene ● Triethyl arsenate ● Hexabromocyclododecane (HBCDD) ● Lead hydrogen arsenate ● Sodium dichromate, dihydrate Proposals for 16 substances to be included in the "Candidate" list were submitted in the form of Annex XV dossiers by seven Member States in June 2008. The proposals were published for public consultation (July-August 2008). The Member State Committee (MSC) debated on 15 substances and found unanimous agreement on the identification of 14 substances as SVHCs that may become subject to authorization, taking into account the comments received from various stakeholders and Member States. Triethyl arsenate, was already identified as a SVHC without MSC involvement, as no comments had been received during the consultation process. On one proposal, Cyclododecane, the MSC unanimously agreed that there was no sufficient scientific data to justify identification under Art. 57.
SVHC RequirementREACH Art. 33.2:As consumers inquire the content of SVHC, the supplier shall provide information on whether or not the product contains SVHC higher than 0.1%(w/w)within 45 days, and present substance name and safety guideline if yes.
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