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No. 42/2008 Since the first publication of 「Guide to Greener Electronics」in August 2006, the updated 9th edition has been published on 24 November 2008, ranking products from 18 electronic brands.
Criteria Overall, the researchers look at criteria for each company base on
The use of toxic chemicals Takeback and recyclability of hardware Energy efficiency and greenhouse-gas related issues Ranking Motorola, Microsoft, Dell, and Apple are faring the worst, with no plans to cut global warming pollution and no targets or timelines for CO2 reduction.
Of all the companies surveyed, only Fujitsu, Philips, and Sharp support the cuts in pollution levels necessary to reach a 2020 target of cutting emissions by 30 percent in industrial countries. Additionally, only HP and Philips have committed to substantial cuts in their own emissions.
The electronics companies also had low scores in the usage of renewable energy, with only Nokia achieving the 25 percent clean power mark.
Apple scores well for putting products on the market whose key components are free of Brominated Flame Retardants (BFRs) and PVC vinyl plastic.
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