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Manufacturer of PVA bio-medical/cleanroom products and provider for ultra-clean services, Longtek Scientific Co. Ltd. dedicates itself to R&D and strives to achieve the guiding principles of QM9004 excellence. Excelling with many core advantages, Longtek was selected for the 17th National Outstanding SMEs Award.
Founded in 1992 with its headquarters situated right in the heart of the Hsinchu Science Park, Longtek started as a service provider for clean suit, ultra-clean engineering, and today it has become one of the standard bearers in the clean suit cleansing industry. In addition to the cleansing services, Longtek has also developed the high-class cleanroom wiper (currently taking 90% of the market share in the domestic semiconductor and optotronic industries), as well as other related products, including cleanroom wiper roll, cleanroom gloves, face mask, bouffant cap, wiper, sticky mat, and mop. In recent years, Longtek has not only actively pushed its products into the international market, but also ventured into the bio-medical industry with its PVA and ultra-clean technologies. Longtek is expected to become the largest supplier in the world for PVA biomedical consumable products. As a continuous policy, Longtek injects substantial resources into the development of its core technologies on a long-term basis, and, over the years, Longtek has won a good reputation from renowned international companies. In addition to its achievements in product development, Longtek has also won several international certifications. In 1997, the Company passed the ISO9001:2000 Quality System Certification, and, in 2000, the Company was further certified for ISO14001 International Environmental Management Standards. In 2004, Longtek was awarded the highest honor for management excellence-QM9004.
General Manager of Longtek, Hsu Chen-Ping, said that Longtek has never pursued the awards and certifications for fame; instead, the company wishes to have full diagnoses and improvements through the evaluation processes. In the SGS audit process, Longtek placed emphasis on diagnoses instead of final certification, and because of its determination for continuous improvement, Longtek's effort was affirmed by the National Outstanding SMEs Award.
In the beginning of 2004, Longtek passed the SGS audit and was awarded the “QM9004 Business Excellence Achievement Certification” (note 1). Longtek is the second company to receive this honor in Taiwan. General Manager of Longtek, Mr. Hsu Chen-Ping indicated that the process of QM 9004 certification thoroughly evaluated the health and overall manufacture process for the company, which helped to a great extent in the company's nomination for the National Outstanding SMEs Award, in a sense that the company fulfilled the criteria of the National Award without having to put in extra effort and resources.
In the future, Longtek will strive to become the largest global supplier for bio-medical PVT supplies and ultra-clean technologies. General Manager of Longtek, Hsu Chen-Ping, proudly expressed that Longtek will continue to move forward to become the best known brand in the world’s ultra-clean technologies with its core competitiveness-the highest R&D capacity, the best management system, and the most aggressive intent in the pursuit of excellence.
Note 1 : QM 9004 is a set of management system guiding principles structured under the existing ISO9001:2000 and used to realize excellence and effectiveness in the management system. QM 9004 starts from the core of "Corporate Prospective” in the aspect of operations and roll over to goal execution in each of the departments. The company then uses the monthly feedback of management effectiveness to improve the procedural effectiveness and overall performance. After the QM9004 system was introduced, the company began to implement effective departmental management and uplifted the management competitiveness. QM 9004 provides the company with the best management system for sustainable development.
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