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On March 23, 2009, the private consultants hired by the European Commission, Okö Institute and Fraunhofer IZM released a report on their evaluation and assessment of existing and new requests for exemptions under the Restriction on the use of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive. They reviewed twenty-nine exemptions and have recommended that the following seven exemptions been no longer continued:
Exemption 16 - Lead in linear incandescent lamps Exemption 18 - Lead as activator in the fluorescent power of discharge lamps Exemption 19 - Lead with PbBiSn-Hg and PbBiSn-Hg in specific compositions Exemption 20 - Lead in oxide glass used for bonding front and rear substrates of flat fluorescent lamps used for Liquid Crystal Displays (LCD) Exemption 26 - Lead oxide in the glass envelope of Black Light Blue (BLB) Exemption 27 - Lead alloys as solder for tranducers used in high-powered loudspeakers Exemption 28 - Hexavalent chromium in corrosion preventive coatings In addition, five further exemption requests were evaluated: Lead in solders for the connection of very thin enameled wires with a terminal Lead and Cadmium as components of the glazes and color used to glaze or decorate lamp bases, lamp carriers or clocks Lead in solders in a third party component of Cortex family equipment Cadmium for use in solid-state illumination and display systems Lead in solders for the connection of very thin (<100 µm) enameled copper wires and for the connection of enameled clad aluminum wires (CCAWs) with a copper layer smaller than 20 µm The consultants recommended granting number 4 only for now. Exemptions for which alternatives cannot be foreseen today have been given an expiry of July 31st 2014 - the due date for the next review. The European Commission will review these recommendations and determine whether they fulfill the requirements mentioned in Article 5 (1) (b) of the RoHS Directive.
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