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No. 20/ 2009 Two Commission decision, 2009/428/EC and 2009/443/EC, were release during June 2009. One exemption will be retired from the directive and six exemptions will be added to the annex to directive and extends permitted uses for lead, cadmium and mercury.
2009/428/EC In the Annex to Directive 2002/95/EC, point 22 is replaced by the following:

22. Lead as impurity in RIG (rare earth iron garnet) Faraday rotators used for fibre optic communication systems until 31 December 2009 (2006/691/EC) 2009/443/EC Certain materials and components containing lead, mercury and cadmium should be exempted from the prohibition, since the elimination of these hazardous substances in those specific materials and components is still technically or scientifically impracticable.
33. Lead in solders for the soldering of thin copper wires of 100 μm diameter and less in power transformers. 34. Lead in cermet-based trimmer potentiometer elements. 35. Cadmium in photoresistors for optocouplers applied in professional audio equipment until 31 December 2009. 36. Mercury used as a cathode sputtering inhibitor in DC plasma displays with a content up to 30 mg per display until 1 July 2010. 37. Lead in the plating layer of high voltage diodes on the basis of a zinc borate glass body. 38. Cadmium and cadmium oxide in thick film pastes used on aluminium bonded beryllium oxide.’
Information Source 2009/428/EC and 2009/443/EC (PDF 700 KB)
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