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No. 10/2011 The Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection (BSMI) has announced the national standard, CNS 15447 “Thermal Paper”, to safeguard the public health. It clearly specifies the color agent shall not contain Bisphenol A and declares the testing method. In addition, the standard also states the base weight for thermal paper, smoothness, tensile and tear index, and physical properties of the relevant norms, so the manufacturers and the sales industry are consistent with the quality requirements. BSMI calls upon the relevant companies and industry using the national standard to ensure the health of consumers.

Scope includes the following thermal paper used for: Fax;
Sale receipts (print of sale, POS): shipping documents, mailing labels, picking and shipping bills, collection of stickers, credit card bills, parking tickets, transportation vouchers, stock packing paper, air freight bills, etc. ;
Tags: medical reports with medical record labels, food labels, ATM receipts for airline boarding passes, luggage tags, etc.;
Tickets: tickets, lottery tickets, high-speed rail tickets. "Bisphenol A" (BPA) is mainly used to make PolyCarbonate (PC) plastic which is commonly used in food or beverage containers and other products. According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG), studies indicate that over 40 percent of thermal papers were found to contain the carcinogenic compound - BPA and that it is more readily absorbed as a free monomer in thermal papers.
BPA is a harmful endocrine disruptor because it is known to mimic the effects of estrogen which is linked to cancer, obesity, and early puberty. Scientists advise that pregnant women and babies should minimize their exposure to BPA or wash hands immediately after the exposure.
Information Source:
An Announcement by Importers and Exporters Association of Taipei (Only available in Traditional Chinese). SGS Taiwan Ltd. Taipei Multi Chemical Laboratory
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