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No. 11/2011 In May 2011, the European Commission has published Regulation (EU) 494/2011 and its corrigendum in the Official Journal to amend the scope of restriction of cadmium under Annex XVII of REACH. The new regulation expands the scope of restriction of cadmium by including, amongst others, jewelry and the use of recycled PolyVinyl Chloride (PVC) materials. This will be effective from December 10, 2011.
Highlights are summarized in the following table:

Item Scope Requirement, Unless Otherwise Stated, for Cadmium

Effective Date 1
Mixtures and articles produced from plastics (synthetic organic polymers)
Articles placed on the market before December 10, 2011

< 0.01% (100 mg/kg)
December 10, 2011
Paint with more than 10% zinc content
< 0.1% (1000 mg/kg)
Paint on painted article
< 0.1% (1000 mg/kg)

Mixtures and articles containing recovered PVC being placed on market for the first time
Must be marked ”Contains recovered PVC’ or use pictogram”

Brazing fillers (joining technique using alloys at 450 °C or above) Exemption:
Use in defense and aerospace or safety

< 0.01% (100 mg/kg)
Metal parts in jewelry, imitation jewelry and hair accessories or for making jewelry including: Beads
Bracelets, ecklaces, and rings Brooches and cufflinks
Piercing jewelry
Wrist-watches and wrist-wear
Articles placed on the market before December 10, 2011
Jewelry more than 50 years old on December 10, 2011
<0.01% (100 mg/kg)
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