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To make customers search experience more convenient, SGS S. A. has been made considerable improvements to all its websites around the world. Now, SGS Taiwan Ltd. ( also launches its new website.

The main features of the new version of the website, include,

  1. Enhanced customer focus. The new version has a simplified structure with two main subjects, WHAT WE DO and OUR COMPANY.
  2. Easy navigation. Under, WHAT WE DO, the navigation only uses three main categories, 'Industry', 'Theme', and 'Service by Type'.
  3. Integration of cross-industrial information. The SGS Food Safety Information Platform, RoHS and other popular service platforms dealing with specific issues are grouped under Unique Solution for Unique Situations, US4US, which is a dropdown list under WHAT WE DO, making it more user-friendly.
  4. OUR COMPANY, which combines all information about SGS Taiwan and SGS Globally regarding corporate history, policies, ideas, training and news.
  5. Integration with Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin, not only establishing a direct channel but a bilateral communication platform for Social Networking Users.

In order to provide a better service, there has been a long period of preparation work for us. At first, we believe you might be unfamiliar with our new version but we hope you will be attracted to its clearer interface and convenient easy functions. We sincerely welcome all of you to our new SGS Taiwan website and appreciate any comment that you send us.

SGS New Web Guideline Download