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European Commission officially published Regulation (EU) 835/2012, (EU) 836/2012, (EU) 847/2012, (EU) 848/2012, amending the existing entries for mercury and cadmium as well as adding new entries for lead and phenyl mercury compounds.

Amended the existing entries:

  • Regulation (EU) 835/2012, ECHA shall be asked to assess whether the use of cadmium and its compounds in plastic material, other than that listed in subparagraph 1, should be restricted;
  • Regulation (EU) 847/2012,
    1. Added scope control:Mercury-containing measuring devices intended for industrial and professional uses shall not be placed on the market after 10 April 2014. Such as barometers, hygrometers and thermometers, etc.
    2. Exemption:For instance, thermometers exclusively intended to perform tests according to standards that require the use of mercury thermometers until 10 October 2017.

Added new entries:

key points of regulation (EU) 848/2012

substance namecas no.restriction
62. (a) Phenyl mercury acetate 62-38-4 200-532-5

(i) Shall not be manufactured, placed on the market or used as substances or in mixtures after 10 October 2017 if the concentration of mercury in the mixtures is equal to or greater than 0,01% by weight.

(ii) Articles or any parts thereof containing one or more of these substances shall not be placed on the market after 10 October 2017 if the concentration of mercury in the articles or any part thereof is equal to or greater than 0,01% by weight . 
(b) Phenyl mercury propionate 103-27-5 203-094-3
(c) Phenyl mercury 2-ethylhexanoate50ppb 13302-00-6 236-326-7

(d) Phenyl mercury octanoate

13864-38-5 -
(e) Phenyl mercury neodecanoate 26545-49-3 247-783-7

key points of regulation (eu) 836/2012

substance namecas no.rectriction
63. Lead and its compounds 7439-92-1 231-100-4 Shall not be placed on the market or used in any individual part of jewellry articles if the concentration of lead (expressed as metal) in such a part is equal to or greater than 0,05 % by weight.

For the purposes of paragraph 1:

(i) “jewellry articles” shall include jewellry and imitation jewellry articles and hair accessories, including:

  (a) bracelets, necklaces and rings;
  (b) piercing jewellry;
  (c) wrist watches and wrist-wear;
  (d) brooches and cufflinks;

(ii) “any individual part” shall include the materials from which the jewellery is made, as well as the individual components of the jewellery articles.

(a) crystal glass
(b) internal components of watch timepieces inaccessible to consumers
(c) non-synthetic or reconstructed precious and semiprecious stones
(d) enamels which melted at a temperature of at least 500 °C.
(e) jewellery articles placed on the market for the first time before 9 October 2013
(f) jewellery articles produced before 10 December 1961. 

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