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The final version of the 2012 List of Substitutes to Toxic and Hazardous Substances has been published by the China MIIT on 14 Jan 2013. It has been actively encouraging industry to use free-toxic / hazard or low-toxic / hazard materials in the process of production in an attempt to eliminate pollution, protect the environment and human health, and boost industrial upgrading. The list includes in total 81 categories of toxic and hazardous substances combined with their safe alternatives that are widely used in sectors of textiles, daily chemicals, printing and package, plastics and rubber, agrochemicals, and electric and electronics, etc.

The official 2012 list is classified into three ranges in terms of the degree of product promotion:

  • The “developing scope”: safe alternatives in urgent need of development;
  • The “applied scope”: safe alternatives that have been developed but yet to be commercialized;
  • The “promoted scope”: safe alternatives of mature promotion and which need greater distribution and utility in the future.

According to the MIIT, more toxic and hazardous raw materials, including heavy metals, POPs, PTS, and existing hyper toxics, corrosives, irritants and radioactives (nuclear facilities and military facilities are exempt) which are listed in GB 12268 (List of Dangerous Goods), the Chinese C&L inventory, the “List of Highly Toxic Chemicals” and the “National hazardous Waste Inventory”, need be reported their safe alternatives from the industry and might be incorporated in the list in succession.

Information Resource: China MIIT notice on the 2012 Substitute List

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