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A series of exemptions to Directive 2011/65/EU have been published by the European Commission. These exemptions, which cover uses of lead and mercury in electrical and electronic equipment placed on the market within the EU, allow for these toxic metals to be used in specific applications as no feasible substitutes for their use have yet been developed.

added Exemptions 4(g) and 41 to the Annex III:

‘41.lead in solders and termination finishes of electrical and electronic components and finishes of printed circuit boards used in ignition modules and other electrical and electronic engine control systems
‘4(g) mercury in hand crafted luminous discharge tubes (HLDTs) used for signs, decorative or architectural and specialist lighting and light-artwork

added Exemptions 35,36, 37, 38, 39 and 40 to the Annex IV:

‘40. lead in dielectric ceramic in capacitors for a rated voltage of less than 125 V AC or 250 V DC for industrial monitoring and control instruments
‘39. lead in micro-channel plates (MCPs)
‘38. lead in solder in one interface of large area stacked die elements
‘37. lead in platinized platinum electrodes used for conductivity measurements
‘36. lead used in other than C-press compliant pin connector systems for industrial monitoring and control instruments
‘35. mercury in cold cathode fluorescent lamps (CCFLs) for back-lighting liquid crystal displays, not exceeding 5 mg per lamp, used in industrial monitoring and control instruments placed on the market before 22 July 2017

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