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How can you ensure the safety of your buildings, avoid inherent defects and comply with all relevant building regulations and standards?

If buildings or structures are damaged during construction, they can potentially harm the personal safety and property of end users, and jeopardize your business reputation. That’s why wherever your construction project is based, you must comply with the national building regulations and the International Building Code (IBC) to ensure that defects do not occur inside the structure.

Yet, meeting all your regulatory obligations can be complex. As a result, you need professional construction and risk management, and technical support to reduce risks and provide third-party verification during the entire life cycle of your construction project.

Avoid building defects and ensure regulatory compliance with world-leading professional construction and risk management from SGS

As the world leader in professional construction and risk management, we offer you professional knowledge of construction, materials, project management, and health and safety requirements.

With our global resources, we can offer you professional construction and risk management around the world, helping you to complete your project on budget and in-line with all quality and safety requirements. At every stage of your construction project – from design through to construction and acceptance – we can monitor all work for you throughout the building life cycle.

We can help you:

  • Ensure your buildings meet all standards and regulations: our standards and regulations services help you to confirm that your buildings have been constructed in accordance with all relevant specifications, safety standards and regulations
  • Minimize risk at the earliest stage of your design: our risk management services can enable you to ensure safety and quality by identifying potential hazards and finding solutions to improve your construction management
  • Inspect your processes to ensure safety and quality at every stage: our construction IV&V services help you to comply with requirements from the design stage to the end of the project life cycle. We offer you accredited laboratories, together with construction process inspections, all over the world
  • Avoid inherent defects in your buildings: our construction inspections help you to identify potential building defects and regulatory non-compliance. These can be performed on-site before, during and after construction
  • Become a more sustainable organization: through our comprehensive services and consulting capabilities, we can ensure the quality of your construction project, and help you meet your social responsibility targets to become a more sustainable organization

To discuss how our professional construction and risk management can help you avoid building defects, contact us today.