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Christian Kobel, Global Business Manager Forestry, Timber and Paper
SGS SA, 1, place des Alpes, 1211 Geneva, Switzerland
t: +41 78 621 75 52


已獲得的認可資格 認可機構 認可號碼 牌照號碼 聯繫
已獲認可SGS辦公室: SGS South Africa (Pty) Ltd.
Huawei Office Park
Building 1, Western Services Road
Woodmead 2191
South Africa
FSC® FM (SGS) ASI FSC-ACC-015 FSC A000522 Natalia Marius
FSC® COC (SGS) ASI FSC-ACC-015 FSC A000522 Corris Vandenberg
已獲認可SGS辦公室: SGS Société Générale de Surveillance SA
Place des Alpes
CH-1211, Geneva
FSC® COC (SGSCH) ASI FSC-ACC-037 FSC A000531 Sylvie Seisun
PEFC™ COC SAS SCESp 092 PEFC/15-04-0001 Sylvie Seisun
已獲認可SGS辦公室: SGS Hong Kong Limited
Units 303 and 305, 3/F
Building 22E, Phase 3
Hong Kong Science Park
Pak Shek Kok
New Territories
Hong Kong
FSC™ COC (SGSHK) ASI FSC-ACC-032 FSC A000523 Marvin Lee
已獲認可SGS辦公室: SGS North America, Inc.
SGS Systems & Services Certification
201 Route 17 North, 7th floor
7070 NJ Rutherford
FSC COC (SGSNA) ASI FSC-ACC-030 FSC A000524 Ron Wald
PEFC™ COC ANSI 0828 - Ron Wald
SFI™ COC A NSI 0828 - Ron Wald
已獲認可SGS辦公室: SGS Japan Inc.
Yokohama Business Park
North Square I 3F
134, Godo-cho, Hodogaya-ku,
Yokohama 240-0005
PEFC™ COC JAB P0110 PEFC/31-44-09 Shunichi Imaizumi
已獲認可SGS辦公室: SGS (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.
Unit 10-1, 10th Floor,
Bangunan Malaysia Re, No 17
Lorong Dungun
50490 Kuala Lumpur
PEFC™ COC DSM PC 16122009 CB 04 PEFC/34-44-02 Kenny Looi
PEFC FM認可辦公室
PEFC™ FM Natalia Mariu