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SGS Business Principles


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What makes us different?
As an independent third-party impartial service provider, we give our customers a fair and impartial viewpoint by providing services covering all supply chain in entire industry.

Our advantage lies in providing local services with a global mindset, and having cross-industry service capabilities, our services over all supply chains.


In addition, the business principles we follow make customers trust and reliable, and help them enhance their brand value, including:

  • Integrity corporate culture: We commit to integrity, follow the laws, regulations and systems of the country where we are located, we are frank and sincere, and absolutely have sufficient confidence and knowledge to tackle any crisis.
  • Health and safety: We fully protect all SGS employees, suppliers, partners, stakeholders, corporate assets and the environment from any work-related accidents, exposure risks and any damage.
  • Professionalism dedicated: We implement the impartiality and independence of the SGS brand in our daily behavior and attitude. We are customer-oriented, commit to provide accurate and excellent service. We are constantly improving the quality and transparency of our services, grasping technical excellence in time, and strictly respect customer confidentiality and personal privacy.
  • Respect: We esteem human rights, create a dignity, equal opportunities and mutual respect working environment in a responsible manner. No discrimination will be tolerated.
  • Sustainable development: We strive to build a sustainable future by the enterprise scale and professionalism. Ensure the impact on the environment reduced in the entire value chain, so that we and our customers become good corporate citizens and make contributions to the communities in which we are located.
  • Leadership: We have an entrepreneurial spirit full of enthusiasm, continuous learning and innovation.


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