Nowadays, the reliance on energy has been increased day by day. It becomes an important issue to ensure the predictability and reliability of manufacture, transmission, and supply of energy.

With full of cross disciplines capabilities and various characteristics in Energy industries, SGS has global resources and experts to support you and your project achievement whether in which energy sectors.


Oil and gas industry

We support oil companies, traders, refineries, independent storage operators, oil equipment manufacturers, pipeline companies, wholesale distributors and fuel transporters. Our independent inspectors conduct tests, verifications, and inspections in all aspects of fuel quality, equipment manufacturing process and final quality...etc.


Power industry

For power generation, power transmission and other related equipment, SGS can provide inspection and testing according to domestic or foreign requirements. We have extensive experience in providing independent inspection service for Class A, B, and C levels.


Renewable energy industry

Renewable energy is one of the hottest topics in the world, including participation in hydropower, wind power, and solar power. SGS has capability to provide supervision, inspection and testing during all construction phase and life cycle.

All of our energy-related services can be provided individullly or as an integrated solution to enhance your project process and quality.


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