Mineral resources are generally refer to the available natural resources formed by geological processes, and categorize as three forms: solid, liquid and gaseous, which are majorly categories are:

Energy minerals: Energy minerals are mainly on oil, coal, natural gas, uranium ore, etc.; In the global mineral resource usage ratio, it is approximately 90% distributed in energy minerals, which is the main source of energy.

Metallic minerals: Minerals that can be used in industry to obtain metal raw materials; it’s usually divided into four types of metal minerals as ferrous metal minerals (iron, chromium, manganese... etc.), non-ferrous metal minerals (aluminum, copper, lead, zinc... etc.), precious metal minerals (gold, platinum, palladium, rhodium... etc.) and rare metal minerals (scandium, yttrium, lanthanum, cerium... etc.).

 Non-metallic minerals: Obtained non-metallic elements and compounds from the minerals, such as limestone, dolomite, granite, marble, diamond, graphite, clay, mica, silicon dioxide, etc. Non-metallic minerals can be used in construction and stone materials, ceramic materials, metallurgical chemicals and refractory materials, industrial and manufacturing materials, fertilizer materials, etc., and are widely used in various industries.


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