Oil , Chemical and gas services: Let SGS fuel the success of your business.


Our robust technology, knowledge-based approach and dedication to quality and safety allow us to provide innovative solutions to every part of the oil and gas industry. SGS offers a comprehensive range of services to support and optimize your business.


  • Oil & Gas Services
  1. We can provide you with calibration services, emission measurement and metrology technical consulting services ,whether you are involved in refining, transporting or marketing oil, gas or other hydrocarbons
  2. Our trade inspection services provide world-class measurement and analysis services


  • Chemical Industry

SGS provides services for industrial chemical manufacturing companies. From pesticides, petrochemicals, perfumes to paints, chemicals and their derivatives can be found everywhere. Just for this reason, the chemical industry is such a large scale that it has become the center of the modern global economy. In its most basic form, the chemical industry can be seen as a process that transforms raw materials such as oil, natural gas, air, water, metals, and minerals into tens of thousands of products. It goes without saying that the chemical industry is also highly complex, requiring precision equipment and sometimes accompanied by highly difficult and dangerous production processes.


  • We offer a wide range of services

As the world's leading company for testing, verification, inspection and certification, we have the knowledge, experience and global service network to help you

  1. Meet national and international standards.
  2. Train your employees to be more motivated, productive and confident in their jobs.

If you need additional staff for a specific project, we have a talent pool from experienced technicians to quality professionals, available to assist you. Specifically, our services include chemical materials services and product services, such as pesticides, consumer chemicals, plastics, synthetic fibers, rubber, natural fibers, pharmaceuticals, and industrial chemicals.

  1. We provide you with testing, inspection, validation, verification of specific chemical products and technical support

To help your company operate more smoothly and efficiently to increase profitability. Some of the world's largest and most successful industrial chemical companies rely on SGS to provide the services they need to keep innovative, sustainable, high performing and competitive.


Many of our services are designed to enhance your existing processes and procedures. Whatever your specific type of business is, contact us immediately to learn more about how our services for oil, chemical, gas can provide you a competitive advantage and the ways we can help you.