Sustainability & Risk Management

Risk Management
SGS professional risk management team and laboratories operate all over the world and serve for all sectors. We help you to identify and quantify specific risks, with policy making for management and mitigation in the future.
SGS Risk Management – to help you in identification and management of risks in projects, operation and general business activities.

Whichever sector of your company within, you need to be sure of safe implementation and maintenance of projects, operation, business activities and trade.

SGS, as one leader in Risk Management Service, helps you to minimize risks. We assist companies in all sectors and all stages with project and technical experts around the world.


With risk management experience of all kinds of business for over half century, we provide total solutions for all sectors, including agriculture, bioscience, mineral, manufacturing, high-tech, ICT, finance and other industries. The risk management service follows with international risk management standard, such as:

  • Risk Management Plan
  • Risk Identification
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis
  • Risk Treatment
  • Residual Risk Management
  • Independent 3rd Party Research, Investigation, Market Research, Feasible Study and Due Diligence Assessment
  • Equator Principles Monitoring
  • Project Monitoring and Management
  • Quality and Quantity Investigation of Product and Goods
  • Mortgage Management
  • Trade Risk Management


We assist you:

  • In all stages of projects, operation and business activities, with identification and management of cost overrun, delay, revenue loss, health and safety accident, poor quality, regulation violation, contractual dispute, reputation damage and interested party dissatisfaction.
  • To achieve targets in quality, safety, cost, dispatch and performance.
  • To manage actual and temporary expenses, with better cost estimate.
  • To fulfill confirmed project milestones and key performance indicators, including targets of occupation, health, safety and environment.
  • To assure financial and implemented results.
  • To assure trade safety.
  • To assure law and regular compliance and best practice of business, with all necessary steps taken.

Contact us to know more about how SGS risk management service will help you with identification and management of risks in projects, operation and business activities.


Sustainable Operation

We assist you and your partners to adopt effective and manageable processes and systems, which also fulfill stakeholder requirements of quality, health and safety, environmental management, CSR and other sustainable operation issues.

SGS Sustainable Operation Service – Let us form a responsible, balance and sustainable future together. With much more media publication and public goods issues coming to the fore, responsibility and integrity have become much more important for companies nowadays. SGS, with decades of experience in sustainable operation solutions and service, helps you to have more harmonic environmental interaction, more positive social effect, and greater sustainable economic development. We assist you:

  • To become more responsible to environment: with SGS comprehensive service of testing, certification, inspection, verification, technical consultation and training. For instance, we may help you with CO2 emission trade identification, wind energy use advice, soil and water pollution testing, air quality testing, noise pollution assessment, groundwater distribution simulation, vibration level acceptability, audit and certification of environmental management system, and implementation and reporting training for employees.
  • To assure sustainable facility and production: with various service including venue operation and management, green process design, supplier environmental assessment and general risk management of supply chain.
  • To make working or social environment better: with audit, report and other supportive services in supply chain management, social responsibility, traceability and training.


Being a world-leading company in testing, inspection, certification and identification, SGS brings you incomparable experience, profession, and world-wide service. Contact SGS for further information and comprehensive service in all sustainable operation issues.