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SGS has been served in Taiwan for more than 70 years, while the transformation of the economic and industrial environment, it has always recognized as the global benchmark of quality and integrity. It has always been recognized by government and won the "Excellent Labor Condition Institution Award" , "Excellent Training Unit Award" ", "HR Training Award", "Green Landscape Maintenance Award", "iSport Certification", etc. It has more than 3000 professionals and 17 diversified laboratories in Taiwan. SGS always treats "employees" as the most important asset, providing various learning and development resources, acknowledging the efforts and achievements of employees, optimizing the working environment, attaching the importance of employees' work-life balance, upholding employees' integrity, ethics and innovation, and co-build an excellent team to fulfill corporate social responsibilities.



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SGS has all kinds of professionals, and continues to recruit talents through talent websites, talent fairs, social media and other channels. We also cooperate with well-known universities to invite elites and improve the quality of talents and organizational competitiveness continuously. At the same time, a hierarchical and categorized learning plan for supervisors and employees is well organized annually, and new staffs orientation, management courses, professional in-service, function enhancement and other related training are arranged to improve the quality of personnel, focus on employee development, encourage employees to further study, smooth promotion channels and cross-national transfer opportunities and diversified career planning to create a win-win situation for both labor and capital.





Working time: Two days off every week, better than the labor-based law working hours regulation.
Insurance and Pension: Labor insurance, health insurance, group insurance, pension
Bonus: Year-end bonus, festival coupon, birthday coupon
Allowances: English course, wedding, maternity, work-related injury, funeral and, death allowances
Leave:  Employees have annual leave, and the number of days will be increasing according to accumulated years of service
Transportation: Comfortable and convenient company bus to pick up/see off employee at fixed time.
Leisure and entertainment:

Employee travel subsidies, multiple club activities, year-end dinner party

Employee care: Regular health check, doctor in-company services, health consultation and management services for nurses, nursing room, infirmary, AED, annual training and professional health lectures.




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