Our international professional team of environmental safety and health can help you improve your reputation in the environmental field, control the risk management and improve business efficiency; we will assist you in reducing the impact on the environment, and fulfilling your regulatory obligations.


In the future, environmental issues will be the primary issue of government, civil society and citizens. In legislation, standards, supervision, and business and procurement decisions, the importance of the environment will increase with the times.


No company can bear the impact of environmental problems. Therefore, no matter what kind of industry, it is necessary to minimize the impact on the environment. Protecting the environment will be one of the main issues in various industries.


As the world's leading environmental service provider, we provide testing, sampling, inspection, certification, verification and a full range of professional solutions to help reduce the impact on the environment.


Our laboratory network covers nearly 140 countries/regions around the world and is still expanding. We have extensive global experience and provide a wealth of knowledge about local, national and international standards to help your business comply with regulations and then win business battles in the most innovative way. We will be your best partner


We can help you in all aspects of environmental responsibility, including:

  • Air: We provide a series of highly professional environmental and indoor air sampling, carried out on-site or in our professional laboratory
  • Soil: We provide various environmental drilling, soil and sediment sampling, and geotechnical engineering services
  • Water: We conduct independent sampling and analysis of surface water, groundwater, industrial water, wastewater and other water
  • Climate change: From micro-pollutant inspections to ensuring compliance with new greenhouse gas emission regulations, we can help you understand and optimize your relationship with the environment and comply with environmental standards


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