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We provide integrated comprehensive services to solve the problems which clients may encounter in the field of manufacturing, quality and marketing.

Semiconductor Total Solution

SGS Taiwan provide the services in the semiconductor sector consist of five departments :
UTAS (Ultra Trace Analysis of Semiconductor), Inspection, Safety Lab, Knowledge, and Reliability Lab


Internet of Things (IoT) has developed in a rapid pace. With much more short-range device (SRD) applied to daily supplies, it has revealed a whole new market to ICT.

Food Supply Chain Risk Management

Food and agricultural products are the most important industries in the world. Regarding consumers' concern of ensuring the obligation of producers to maintain safety and quality in product processing, we provide a full range of solutions.

Automotive Electronics Comprehensive Solution

Due to emerging and cutting edge of technologies, many electronic devices that can be connected to cloud are getting popular.

Electrical & Electronics Total Solution

We provide independent and impartial third-party testing and verification service, and offer total solutions for electronic and electrical products.

Medical Device Total Solution

Process validation project / calibration service / training service

Online Platform for Professional Services


In regard to different types of request, we provide real-time, diversified, and abundant professional network platforms services across a variety of sectors to help you improve efficiency, enter the market quickly, reduce the costs, and grow continuously.

  • SGS Academy

    We offer professional and high-quality training services to help you to obtain the latest industry practices, due diligence while technical standards revision, and demonstrate compliance obligations.


    RSTS cloud service for electric and electronic products allows customers to view, store, manage and authorize reports issued by various SGS affiliates at any time.

  • NCC Regulatory Certification Body

    Accreditation Number:TAF:PC037 ; NCC-RCB-13

  • Professional Construction Quality Services

    Professional construction management is entrusted to SGS professional construction technical team

  • My Safety Net

    Food Enterprises can display their testing reports in public through SGS My Safety Net, increasing the trust and willingness to purchase for consumers and market buyers.

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