Electrical & Electronics

With the emerging and evolving of new technologies such as 5G, IoT, AI and big data and so forth of those product quality, relevance, and communication security requirements are increasing strictly.

To fulfill those national standards and in order to comply target markets, our expertise engineers not only can guide to reduce risks of defect but also can help to improve quality efficiently to meet the variations from time to time.

Our services are included:

Full range of testing services for Restricted Substances in Electrical and Electronics device regulations such as RoHS, REACH, WEEE, etc. are offered accordingly.

Wireless communication products certification services are included:

Bluetooth / Wi-Fi / NFC / CE / FCC / GCF / PTCRB(4G / 5G) / Antenna/Internet of vehicles / International type approval / Cybersecurity / Compatibility test, etc.

Safety and EMC testing services are included: Information technology equipment, Home appliances, Medical device, Automotive device, Railway Equipment, Battery and mechanical products, etc.

Reliability testing and consulting services are included information technology environmental testing of industrial, medical, application systems and components, highly accelerated life testing and life estimation, and product functional safety consulting, certification, and professional training programs.

Our expertise not only provides local services, but also can utilize corporate abound resource to help you in adopting key construction standards and meet requirements eventually. In addition, we can also help you to conquer more incoming challenges:

  • SGS global service network can provide technical consultancy yet the network will be crossover industry services.
  • Our comprehensive testing services from safety, functionality, compatibility, product verification of those professions ensure your product meets quality and end user’s expectations.
  • We are also approved laboratories of telecommunication operators, brands and associations.
  • SGS has been provided services in Taiwan for more than 66 years. With the change of Taiwan's industry, we provide testing and customized services that keep pace when the time being and will fulfill the needs of manufacturers. The world of the Internet of Things in current and in the future, SGS will be your only and the most trustworthy partner.