Bring you closer to the consumer! SGS Performance Mark can highlight the features of your product and make it stand out.


How To Gain More Trust From The Consumer?

How to stand out in the market is always an issue when you are bringing new products or want to differentiate existing goods from the competition. SGS Performance Mark service offers trust and peace of mind, to you and the consumer.


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The Benefits SGS Performance Mark Can Bring To You

  • The mark is highly visible and can provide consumers with easy-to-understand features of the product
  • Product information or test is easily accessed by scanning a QR code presented on the mark
  • SGS Performance Mark can be a tool for your marketing and promotion activities of the product
  • The mark can increase consumer trust in your products and further improve your brand credibility and reputation

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SGS RSTS E&E Eletric & Electronic Provides Below The Services...

  • Testing consultation and testing project design, also could customize test items and mark content just for your product.
  • Performing tests
  • There are two kinds of Performance Mark: Premium Performance Mark and Performance Tested Mark
  • Reviewing the application and Issuing certification and Performance Mark
  • What products can be tested: large and small household appliances, lighting products, electronics, power tools, wireless/RF products, etc.

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             (Premium Performance Mark)                                   (Performance Tested Mark)



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