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1950 Established SGS Far East Ltd Taiwan Branch and set up offices in Taipei, Keelung and Kaohsiung.
Agriculture Division was established to inspect US aid goods and the import/export agricultural products.


1960 Coate with government policies and foreign purchases increasing , set up consumer product inspection division to support expanding export trade and labor-intensive products.


1970 The increasing demand for raw material, Consumer product inspection grew and to be the major business. Increase Mineral、Chemical and pre-shipment inspection services, and established Taichung branch to support the development of domestic verification services.


1980 Established a laboratory center and a petrochemicals department to improve precision inspection capabilities and cater to the needs of the petrochemical industry. The testing laboratory was divided into a textile laboratory and a toy laboratory.


1990 Established SGS Taiwan Ltd. to expand the provision of professional testing and technical services.


2000 Expand laboratory testing services, and is the largest and most diverse private laboratory providing third-party independent testing in Taiwan.


2016 SGS CCSRF was merged into SGS Taiwan with more than 3,100 professionals employees.


2019 In response to the needs of industrial upgrading, we provide comprehensive solutions for the six major industries, expand the SGS Academy, strengthen carbon energy, corporate sustainability, CSR verification services, and introduce projects such as building information management and offshore wind power quality services.


future To respond the industrial changes and Taiwan's development, SGS will keep on "pursuing innovation", continue to establish long-term professional advantages and sustainable operations. This is our unchanging promise!