Building Information Management

Using digital and innovative BIM technology to solve the whole life cycle problems of the building (construction) industry in the design, construction, and operational stages; through energy analysis, leading the building to a sustainable business model that is green, energy-saving, and waste reduction. Provide BIM functional training and enterprise-level BIM introduction services, combined with the international standard ISO 19650, effectively enhance the competitiveness of individuals and enterprises. Use 3D laser scanning technology combined with BIM for planning and design, reconstruction of old buildings, construction inspection and integration of completed models, etc.
Building Information Management

Green building is not only a specific manifestation of improving the quality of living, but also gradually becoming an universal standard recognized by the public. SGS Building Information Management consultants provide comprehensive sustainable design and analysis services to assist industries or construction projects in planning a complete green building plan for obtaining the certification mark. We can also provide simulation to verify pre-targeted building's sun shadow, solar radiation, thermal comfort, interior/external ventilation, natural lighting, and air-conditioning energy consumption and give recommendations. These will help create comfortable, healthy, energy-saving, waste-reducing, intelligent, and high-quality green buildings to enhance the value of your assets.


  • Green Building Project Planning Integration Consulting
  • LEED U.S. Green Building Mark Certification Consulting
  • EEWH Taiwan Green Building Mark Certification Consulting
  • IGB Taiwan Smart Green Building Mark Certification Guidance
  • GBM Green Building Materials Label and Construction Material Test
  • BCF Low Carbon Building Evaluation and Counseling
  • Green Building Energy/Carbon Emission Simulation and Analysis Report
  • Green Building Energy Simulation Technology Training
  • Building Environment Simulation Analysis (Sunlight and shadow, Indoor temperature environment, Natural ventilation, Natural lighting, Air-conditioning airflow)
  • BIM Modeling/Project Management Consulting
  • 3D Laser Scanning and BIM Model Integration Service
  • International Standard ISO 19650 Introduction and Verification
  • BIM Education and Training - Personal Training and Enterprise-level BIM Introduction
Building Information Management Services
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