Health Industry Services

Cosmetics, Personal Care, Hygiene, Medical Device, Health Food, Chinese and Western medicine, sophisticated physical and chemical analysis, microbial cells and molecular biology, and other professional testing services.
Health Industry Services

Master complete testing and verification services for beauty, and health products, including health foods and dietary nutrition products.
Provide training that is helpful to employees. Our training services cover all major industries: Medical Device, Health Food, Cosmetics, Chinese/Western medicine, household cleaning and hygiene products.

1. Introduction to domestic and foreign cosmetic hygiene and safety regulations
2. Overview of domestic and foreign cosmetics labeling and ingredient specifications
3. In vitro alternative animal test
4. Briefing meeting on cosmetics export regulations and operational practices

Health Food:
1. Taiwan health food application permit operation and practical training
2. Overview of Taiwan's health food labeling and ingredient specifications
3. Taiwan's health food stability test and planning and operation practice

Medical Device:
1. Introduction to domestic and foreign medical device regulations
2. Taiwan medical device testing and planning and operation practice
3. Operational practice of medical device inspection and registration


This Act is enacted to maintain the hygiene and safety of cosmetics in order to safeguard national health. Learn more >
The main international reference for evaluating medical device biocompatibility is ISO 10993-1 Annex A for safety risk assessment to ensure that the product can meet the market access requirements. Learn more >
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