e-Commerce & Logistics

• E-Commerce

SGS e-commerce combines five indicators:

Electronic   Digitization    Networking    Specialization   Diversification.


Bring our international expert services in many fields to your side, covering business groups such as food service, health industry service and grocery laboratory. No matter where you are, we provide highly specialized solutions that can make your business "faster", "simpler" and "more efficient", helping you reduce risks, simplify processes, and achieve more sustainable Way of operation.

Currently, there are three major platforms as the entrance to e-commerce, including B2C and B2B marketing models, including:


My Safety Net



• Logistics

No matter what product it is, where it needs to be transported, and how it needs to be transported, SGS can help you complete the logistics and transportation process smoothly according to the "time" and "budget requirements". We provide a complete set of services, including various import and export services, which can make the cargo transportation process of "sea", "rail" or "road" easier.

Container transportation has some specific challenges. In view of this, we have developed some services specifically for this transportation field. We can provide:

ISO tank inspection

Cylinder and cleanliness inspection

Advance cargo information service

Import control services.


SGS is the world's leading Testing, Certification, and Inspection company, with rich experience, expertise and global service scope. Whether you are a transportation company, a shipping company, or regularly use logistics and transportation services, you can contact us immediately to learn more about how our various logistics and transportation industry special services can help your organization.