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SGS Newsletter - Regulatory 202407

Issues KDB 273109 Provides SCS Equipment Authorization Guidance

SGS Newsletter - Regulatory 202407


The FCC issued KDB 273109 D02 Part 25 SCS & CMRS-Bands v01 on June 5 to provide guidance for devices seeking to add Supplemental Coverage from Space (SCS) capabilities through a temporary waiver in effect until November 30, 2024. Any SCS device that has already received equipment certification for terrestrial operations in specific frequency bands under Part 22, 24, or 27 and was granted certification on or before June 29, 2024, may add a Part 25 SCS designation through a C2PC by waiving provisions outlined in Sections 2.1043(c), 2.911(c), and 2.911(e). Applicants must submit the following:

  • A cover letter stating:
    • The intent to add Part 25 SCS capability solely through a SW update with no HW modifications.
    • Confirmation that the SW update does not alter the device's RF emissions.
    • Explicit intent to utilize the temporary waiver process.
  • Covered equipment attestations as required by Section 2.911(d).

After November 30, 2024, applicants must follow the standard C2PC process and comply with all requirements outlined in Section 2.911, including submitting a Part 25 test report.



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