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SGS Newsletter - Regulatory 202311

SGS Newsletter - Regulatory 202311

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  • Published KDB 388624 D02 Pre-Approval Guidance List v18r05 on October 24 and removed UNIDFS from the list to remove the PAG requirement for DFS as well as sample submission to the FCC.
  • Published KDB 484596 D01 Referencing Test Data v02r01 on October 23 to provide guidance on the conditions under which FCC equipment certification applications are permitted to include exhibits that use test data that pertain to a different, fully tested RF device featuring the same transmitter. This procedure requires first that a manufacturer obtains FCC acceptance of the proposed data referencing plan by submitting a KDB inquiry.


SGS Annual Regulatory Update Seminar
Nov 21, 2023, Taipei; Dec 1, 2023, Hsinchu

  • For other latest regulatory updates, please sign up to attend our upcoming seminar where we will be sharing important information presented in the latest TCBC Workshop held in Baltimore, Maryland, USA, on October 25 – 26.
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