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Do you know what is Directional Gain?

Do you know what is Directional Gain?

To put it simply, it is a performance benchmark for any array antenna transmitting or receiving signals in a specific direction.  Like a flashlight that is capable of focusing its light beam, an antenna array can achieve high directional gain by incorporating transmit beamforming through phase adjustment.  By tightly focusing the transmit signal in any specific direction, an array antenna with a high directional gain on any Wi-Fi equipment greatly improves wireless network performance, thereby benefitting many applications such as the ubiquitous Wi-Fi AP gateway/router or wireless cable modem in every household.

When an array antenna of a Wi-Fi device can achieve a higher gain in any specific direction through transmit beamforming, its communication coverage and penetration become markedly enhanced.  In other words, it acts as a “focusing adjustment function” to the array antenna to generate a stronger wireless signal in any desired direction.

For example, to maintain a positive user experience when using a VR device or playing online mobile games with a smartphone, high speed and quality Wi-Fi connection is very desirable, but should you enter into a low-signal location in your house, however, you’re bound to experience game lags or even Wi-Fi connection drops, seriously affecting your user experience.  Here is where transmit beamforming and directional gain come to the rescue.  Wherever you are, be it the bedroom, the kitchen, the living room, or even the bathroom, direction gain via transmit beamforming enables a steady, fast Wi-Fi connection to your VR device or smartphone while watching a Netflix drama, thereby vastly improving your user experience.

It's, therefore, safe to say that a Wi-Fi product with an excellent directional gain generated by the transmit beamforming technology is not only a testament to advances in wireless communication technology but a guarantee to a stable and high-speed wireless internet connection in your home.


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