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SGS Newsletter - Regulatory 202312

SGS Newsletter - Regulatory 202312

FCC   1 copy

  • Permitted very low power (VLP) devices to operate in the 5,925-6,425 MHz and 6,525-6,875 MHz bands on October 18 with the following device requirements:
    1. Can operate at any location and not subject to AFC
    2. Max EIRP: +14 dB
    3. Max PSD: -5 dBm/MHz
    4. Must employ transmit power control, may not be deployed as part of a fixed outdoor infrastructure, and is required to prioritize operations above 6,105 MHz prior to operating on the other available channels.
  • Published KDB 784748 D01 General labeling and Notification v09r02 on November 2 to also allow the use of the FCC logo artwork found on the official FCC website and added note 12 to clarify stylistic differences between the artwork on the website and the logo displayed in 47 CFR 2.1074 rules

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UKCA   1

  • Introduced Product Security and Telecommunication Infrastructure Regulations 2023 (PSTI) on September 14, effective April 29, 2024. PSTI sets out safety requirements for consumer IoT products intended to be sold in the UK. The scope of PSTI includes all IoT products
    1. Wireless and wired
    2. Internet-connected
    3. Networked
  • This regulation is based on specific clauses in EN 303 645 and is neither covered under RER (UCKA marking) nor linked to CE.
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