Industrial Inspection Services

The supply chain inspection services that we provide can check the quality requirements of components for large-scale equipments under transportation and machinery product sectors.
Industrial Inspection Services

Industrial Inspection covers global inspection services to the engineering industries and industrial products. The scope includes motor, machinery, welding, pipeline, railway, and alternative energy resources such as offshore wind energy, etc. We have professional engineering management and technical personnel responsible for such scope implementation. In addition to ISO 17020 accreditation, our inspectors also have relevant professional licenses to provide customers with independent, impartial and professional inspection services.

  • Mechanical and electrical engineering supervision, inspection and manpower support
  • Industrial equipment verification and third party witness inspection
  • Industrial product import and export inspection/functional and performance test
  • Generator/valve/cable/pressure equipment inspection
  • Wind power certification/inspection/training
  • Pressure vessel inspection
  • Export inspection to Iran / Philippines in bulk / Russia
  • Steel structure project quality control and progress supervision
  • Welder qualification/welding procedure verification service
Industrial Inspection
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