SGS provides nutrition and composition analysis and testing services for manufacturers, retailers, importers and exporters, helping them to achieve regulatory compliance and resolve consumer concerns.

  Nutrients are broadly defined as ingredients that are beneficial to the human body to maintain life activities. Modern food types are becoming more and more diversified. Today, food types are becoming more and more diverse, packaged foods play a crucial role in daily life. The role of "food nutrition labeling" has become one of the indicators for consumers to buy food. SGS can assist the company in complying with the requirements of government regulations and correctly label the nutrition-related information of the product on the packaging (nutrition labeling). Except for being a basis for consumers to choose food, it also represents the food industry's responsible attitude towards the product.


What items are included in the nutrition label?

  In order to provide more convenient services for the food companies, SGS not only provides the eight nutrient analysis services required by Taiwan's nutrition labeling regulations (Taiwan's eight major nutrition labeling packages) but also provides other testing services that voluntarily label other nutrients, such as dietary fiber, fatty acid, amino acid, etc. For food companies with export demand, SGS also provides nutrition and composition analysis package for Mainland China, Hong Kong and the United States!

  1. Eight Nutrition Labeling in Taiwan

  • Calories, protein, fat, saturated fat (acid), trans fat (acid), carbohydrate, sugar, sodium.


  1. Other nutrients items.

  • Amino acids (free amino acids, hydrolyzed amino acids, GABA...)
  • cholesterol
  • Fatty acids (EPA, DHA, ω3/ω6, poly-unsaturate, mono-unsaturate...)
  • Individual sugars (fructose, sucrose, glucose, maltose, lactose, galactose)
  • Sugar alcohol (glycerol, erythritol, xylitol, sorbitol, mannitol, palatinitol, lactitol, maltitol)
  • Dietary fiber, water-soluble/insoluble dietary fiber, Fructan, polydextrose, Resistant Maltodextrin (RMD) vitamin A, D, E, K, vitamin C and B complex
  • Minerals
  • Lycopene, carotene, lutein
  • Taurine, Glucosamine


  1. Nutrition labeling composition analysis package for other countries.

  • 5 nutrition labeling items in Mainland China
  • 9 Nutrition Labeling items in Hong Kong
  • 14 nutrition labeling items in the U.S. (New U.S labelling requirement)


Does my product need nutrition labeling?

  According to Article 22 of the "Act Governing Food Safety and Sanitation, "The container or external packaging of food and food raw materials shall conspicuously indicate nutrition labels in Chinese and common symbols. Except for packaged foods that meet the exemption of nutrition labeling requirements, Nutrition labels are compulsory for all packaged foods sold in the market.


Which packaged foods are not mandatory for nutrition labeling?

  According to the "Regulations on Packaged Foods Exempted from Nutrition Labeling," there are two types of packaged foods that do not require nutrition labeling. They are packaged foods without nutrition claims and foods and food ingredients that are not directly sold to consumers. Packaged foods without nutrition claims include:

(1) Drinking water, mineral water, ice cubes.

(2) Fresh, refrigerated or frozen fruits, vegetables, livestock, poultry, eggs, liquid eggs and aquatic products without any other ingredients or component.

(3) Tea, coffee, dried beans, wheat, other woody or herbal plants and their flower and fruit seeds that are used for brewing and do not contain other raw materials or food additives.

(4) Seasoning spices and stew spice bags.

(5) Salt and salt substitutes.

(6) The calorie and nutrient content of other foods that meet the requirements for the " Matters to be complied with in the nutrition labeling of packaged foods " to be marked as "0".

  In addition to commercially packaged foods, according to the interpretation of the "Q&A for Nutrition Labeling of Packaged Foods" announced by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, the " Matters to be complied with the nutrition labeling of packaged foods "do not apply to bulk foods. Therefore, nutrition labeling is not required for the moment.

  Although the three types of foods, " Packaged foods without nutrition claims, "foods and food ingredients not directly sold to consumers," and "bulk foods," do not need compulsory nutrition labeling, if the seller voluntarily provides nutrition label, it must be truthfully marked!


What is bulk food?

  Except for the two types of packaged foods as mentioned earlier, other commercially packaged foods must contain nutrition labels. However, bulk foods are not in the scope of the regulations. But what is bulk food?

  • According to article 20 of Enforcement Rules of the Act Governing Food Safety and Sanitation, the bulk foods mean the product is without a package while vending or with a package but meets one of the following circumstances:
  • Does not have unpackaged identifiability. (The package cannot be distinguished whether it has been opened or not, for example, it is tied with a metal wire or plastic rope, and the package material is temporarily sealed).
  • Could not extend the shelf life. (For example: the shelf life cannot be extended after packaging in plastic wrap).
  • Is not sealed. (For example: Knotted plastic bags).
  • The purpose of selling is no more than vending in a small area. (For example: the products are only sold at a fixed point, and the manufacturing and sales are in the same place).

  For example: markets sell braised tofu wrapped in plastic wrap, food sealed and packaged at the time of purchase, instant fresh food (rice balls, all kinds of bento, all kinds of salads, fruit boxes, all kinds of sandwiches), most of them are belong to bulk food and does not belong to the scope of compulsory nutrition labeling.


The nutrition labelling of tablets and capsules

  If your product is a tablet or capsule food with vitamins and minerals as nutritional additives. You must refer to "Matters to be complied with in the nutrition labeling of packaged vitamin and mineral tablets and capsule foods" instead of "Matters to be complied with in the nutrition labeling of packaged foods"

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