FSMA Preventive Control Qualified Individual (PCQI) Training provided by SGS - Gain your FSPCA PCQI certificate for FDA FSMA preventive controls for human food.

In a food processing plant, preventive controls qualified individuals are essential to the management and preparation for food safety plans, validation of the preventive control measures and many other aspects. This specialized training adopts the standard curriculum recognized by FDA, student will become a preventive controls qualified individual after successfully completing the course.


Why choose PCQI training program from SGS?


We provide you with access to:

  • Getting qualification as a preventive controls qualified individual
  • Official certificate for FSPCA PCQI issued by the Association of Food and Drug Officials (AFDO) 
  • Training developed by FSPCA with the FDA-recognized standardized curriculum


Course topics include:

  • Food management regulation overview 
  • Food safety plan overview 
  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) and other PRPs 
  • Biological food safety hazards 
  • Chemical, physical and economically motivated food safety hazards 
  • Preparatory works for food safety plan development
  • Resources for food safety plans 
  • Hazard analysis and preventive controls determination
  • Manufacturing process preventive controls 
  • Food allergen preventive controls 
  • Sanitation preventive controls 
  • Supply chain preventive controls 
  • Verification and validation procedures 
  • Record keeping procedures 
  • Recall plan 
  • FSPCA management regulation overview


The world-leading training provider will help you become a qualified PCQI.

As the world-leading organization in professional training, we offer incomparable expertise in the requirements for becoming a preventive controls qualified individual, and in-depth knowledge of the standardized curriculum recognized by FDA.


This course is targeted at people aiming to meet the training requirements for PCQI, including:

  • Directors/VPs for food safety department
  • Maintenance supervisors
  • Production managers
  • Production line leads
  • Sanitation supervisors 
  • Plant managers 
  • Quality assurance coordinators and supervisors
  • Safety supervisors
  • Training supervisors 
  • Technician supervisors
  • Packaging supervisors and managers 
  • Regulatory specialists



GMP and HACCP related knowledge or experiences with food safety system is suggested. Online learners will need to prepare a computer with Internet connection and telephone function.


Course Details

-Duration:2.5 days 
-Certifications: FSPCA, AFDO 
-Delivery methodology: Face to face, virtual (online) training with instructors

Students successfully completing the training will receive an official FSPCA PCQI certificate issued by AFDO.


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