BIFMA LEVEL Furniture Sustainability Certification Services

Promoting Sustainable Practices and Corporate Social Responsibility in the Furniture Industry
BIFMA LEVEL Furniture Sustainability Certification Services

In developing sustainability for the furniture industry, SGS Taiwan has achieved accreditation as a certification body of BIFMA LEVEL furniture sustainability certification services. This recognition enhances their capability to offer a comprehensive assessment of furniture products, ensuring they meet high sustainability and social responsibility standards.

BIFMA LEVEL Certification:

BIFMA LEVEL, developed by the Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association (BIFMA), is a renowned product sustainability standard that assesses the sustainability of office, school, and medical furniture products throughout their entire life cycle. It focuses on three critical aspects: the environmental impact, health and wellness impact, and social impact of the products. BIFMA LEVEL certification comes in three levels: LEVEL 1, LEVEL 2, and LEVEL 3. The higher the level, the greater the dedication of the manufacturer to sustainability and social responsibility. This provides consumers with a clear indication of the product's eco-friendliness and ethical practices.

Advantages of BIFMA LEVEL Certification:

BIFMA LEVEL certification offers several advantages to both manufacturers and consumers:

Exposure on the BIFMA Official Website: Certified products are showcased on the BIFMA official website, providing valuable guidance for project procurement.

Government Recognition: Recommended by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and various governments for public procurement, the certification is preferred for organizations committed to sustainability.

Green Building Certifications: BIFMA LEVEL certification enables products to earn points in LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and WELL building certifications, enhancing their performance in green building rating systems.

Amazon Recognition: The certification is recognized by Amazon, allowing certified products to be listed on Amazon's exclusive page, expanding their reach to a broader audience.

SGS Taiwan's Role:

As a reliable partner, SGS Taiwan is now well-equipped to offer furniture safety testing and sustainability audits. With our extensive expertise in testing, inspection, and certification services, SGS Taiwan aims to play a pivotal role in promoting sustainable practices and corporate social responsibility within the furniture industry.

The certification by SGS Taiwan represents a significant step forward in ensuring that furniture products meet high sustainability and social responsibility standards. This will not only benefit manufacturers but also empower consumers and organizations to make informed, sustainable choices when procuring furniture products, contributing to a greener and more socially responsible future.

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