Using digital and innovative BIM technology to solve the whole life cycle problems of the building (construction) industry in the design, construction, and operational stages; through energy analysis, leading the building to a sustainable business model that is green, energy-saving, and waste reduction. Provide BIM functional training and enterprise-level BIM introduction services, combined with the international standard ISO 19650, effectively enhance the competitiveness of individuals and enterprises. Use 3D laser scanning technology combined with BIM for planning and design, reconstruction of old buildings, construction inspection and integration of completed models, etc.

The SGS BIM team is composed of more than one hundred professional BIM consultants and experts in various construction fields. It has participated in many international large-scale projects and provided a full range of construction solutions.

There are quality differences for BIM, and good quality can stand the test.

Some people often question the benefits of BIM, and even feel that BIM cannot achieve the expected results. The most fundamental reason is that the quality of the BIM model has problems, so that the BIM model cannot be used to reach its maximum effect; Only when the quality of the BIM model reaches the qualified standard then it be applied to all stages of the building, such as design-side application and review, green energy analysis, budget evaluation, etc. In the construction phase, you can make construction drawings, quantity calculations, and project scheduling. Finally, in the operational phase, you can convert full model information for use in property management. A BIM model that can follow through the entire life cycle of the building is a high quality BIM model.

In addition, we also provide ISO 19650 management process consulting, three-dimensional laser scanning inspection, reverse modeling, and other services. The purpose is to provide various solutions to meet the needs of owners. We are currently focusing on how to interact with those cutting-edge technologies such as IOT, Digital Twin, and Data Science, in order to develop newer and more comprehensive services for establishing the foundation of Taiwan's industrial technology.

Building Information Management Services
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