Health Industry

SGS Health Industry Services-Committed to physical and chemical, biological analysis and clinical trials and optimization of various process management, fully assisting various products:


• Quickly and safely meet the pre-market requirements and market requirements.

• Follow best practices to meet the regulatory requirements of countries and regions.

• We fully support all stages of the product from development to market entry, including necessary processes such as clinical research, characterization, product testing, verification, inspection, and verification.

• Enter the analytical laboratory network, one of the world's largest contract systems, with qualified and experienced analysts and reviewers. Around the world, there are specialized services for drug applications for Phase III requirements and clinical trials.

• Regardless of the size of the manufacturers we serve, we can make good use of the professional knowledge of various quality systems, so that verification, training and testing services can help my customers to market their products.

• Master the complete testing and verification services for health, beauty, and health products, including health foods and dietary nutrition products.

• Provide training that is helpful to employees. Our training services cover all major industries: medical equipment, health/health food, beauty cosmetics, Chinese/Western medicine, household cleaning and hygiene products.

We will design exclusive courses according to the specific requirements of customers, whether they are conducted in SGS company internal or external venues, or even provide online training, students can attend classes according to their own schedule and time.