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SGS Newsletter - Regulatory 202309

SGS Newsletter - Regulatory 202309


  • On August 1, the UK Department for Business and Trade (DBT) announced its intention to indefinitely extend the use of CE marking for businesses, applying to 18 regulations owned by DBT, including that of radio equipment.



  • Published RSS-247 Issue 3 – Digital Transmission Systems (DTSs), Frequency Hopping Systems (FHSs) and Licence-Exempt Local Area Network (LE-LAN) Devices on August 3:
    The main changes are:
    1. Added section 2.1 to include information on the document coming into force.
      • This document is in force as of the date of its publication on ISED website. However, a transition period of 6 months from the publication date will be provided. During this period, all applications for certification under RSS-247 Issue 2 or Issue 3 will be accepted. After this period, all applications for the certification of equipment will be accepted under RSS-247 Issue 3 only, and equipment manufactured, imported, distributed, leased, offered for sale, or sold in Canada shall comply with this present issue.
    2. Modified section 6.2 to clarify that different measurement methods can apply depending on the operating frequency range of the device.
    3. Added section 6.2.5 to introduce the requirements for devices operating in the 5,850-5,895 MHz band and channels that span across 5,850 MHz.
  • Published RSS-198 Issue 1 – Flexible Use Broadband Equipment Operating in the Band 3,900-3,980 MHz on August 10.

Note:  SRSP-521, Technical Requirements for Non-Competitive Local Licensed Services, including Fixed and/or Mobile Systems, and Flexible Use Broadband Systems, in the Band 3,900-3,980 MHz referenced in RSS-198 is currently open for external consultation and shall be published at a later date.


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  • Revised the Ministerial Ordinance on Regulations for the Enforcement of the Radio Law on August 29, to expand the frequency range of the FD-LTE Band 28 to UL 715 – 748 MHz & DL 770 – 803 MHz, effective immediately. A new bandwidth of 3 MHz has also been introduced to a portion of this band as well.
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