SGS provides various professional services for retailer

Food testing

The Food Service Department provides various food and agricultural products-related tests, and the services

provided are as follows:

  • Food nutrition analysis
  • Microbial detection
  • Pesticide residue inspection
  • Veterinary drug residue inspection
  • Food heavy metal, toxin detection
  • GMO / Species identification
  • Food additives analysis
  • Sensory evaluation and food preservation test
  • Food fraud
  • Labeling audit of packaged food

Drinking water quality testing

     In the drinking water quality specifications regulated by the Environmental Protection Administration, the scope

of  drinking  water  is   the water  except for   water from  packaged  drinking  water.  Including  the water   sources

obtained  from  nature  (such as groundwater,  well  water  and  tap  water, etc.),  public  water   sources  ( such  as

drinking  dispensers, etc.). Specific  regulations on  microorganisms,  heavy  metals  and   related    pollutants   are

available for these water sources

  • Bacterial standards

    Coliform, Aerobic plate count
  • Heavy metals in drinking water

    Arsenic, lead, cadmium, mercury, selenium, barium, antimony, nickel, chromium
  • Physical test

    Color, hardness, turbidity, conductivity, total dissolved solids
  • Chemical standards

    Free available residual chlorine

Warehousing and logistics quality system certification

ISO 28000 standard: supply chain security certification

          Because of the  changes  in  consumption  habits recent  years,  the  scope of  the logistics    industry is not

limited to only the  transportation of goods,  but also   accelerates  the upgrade  of    warehousing    and   logistics

equipment  to  meet new  business   models  and  consumer  needs.  However,  because of the   factors   such  as

the  global  economic  downturn and  terrorist   organization  activities , cargo  crimes will   occur.  The  ISO  28000

supply chain security management system can be  widely used in  importers,  exporters,  brokers,   manufacturers,

security industries, transportation industries, warehousing and logistics  industries. Utilizing the risk  management

system to protect the company’s brand, products, and supply chains all over the  world is  the most  effective   way.

Successful  implementation and  certification  can be  used as  the evidence of   compliance   with various    safety

requirements,  such  as  AEO  (Authorized Economic  Operator)  and  C-TPAT(Customs-Trade  Partnership   Against


ISO 27001 Information security management system

      Recently, due to the  trend of e-commerce   platforms  and  cross-border  transactions, personal data  is   often

exposed to   risks   during online   transactions .   ISO27001  is  an    information    security   management   system 

requirement that  provides  organization  for   establishing,   implementing, maintaining and  continuous improving.

Through  the   management    system  procedure   to  maintain   the   confidentiality,   integrity and    availability   of   

information. And stakeholders can confirm  that the  risks have   been  appropriately  managed, thereby generating 

confidence in the organization and avoiding the information  security risks that cause the loss to enterprise.


  • Quality Assurance Series

        Food quality assurance system integration practice, food factory internal  audit  practice,  food  safety  control

        system  internal audit and feedback practice

  • Quality Process Monitoring Series

    Food industry risk management, raw material procurement and acceptance management practices
  • Food and Beverage Stores Management Series

    Hygiene training for catering service employees
  • Audit Training Course

    Supplier audit and quality assurance training for distributors
  • Calibration Practice Course

     Measurement and calibration management  basic class, measurement system application  practice   class,

      measurement system quality deployment  and  design, measurement  statistics concept and  measurement

      uncertainty exercise

  • Marketing Series

    Food labeling and advertising management practices

‘’Good Practice of Food Safety’’ On-site Inspection Service

      SGS’s “Good Practice of Food Safety”  utilizes  on-site  inspections to confirm the  self-management  methods of

food  manufacturers,foundries or suppliers  and can use effective and complete checklists to confirm that products

comply  with the GHP spirit and relevant   regulatory   requirements. The  companies  can  ensure  the  facilities  and

hygiene  management projects  effectively and conveniently  through the  professional  audit  team. The  companies 

can  also  conduct complete and in-depth source management confirmation for  specific products. If the companies’ 

supplier or foundry is located  abroad, SGS's  global  branch team  can also  help the companies   to  conduct  global 

 on-site inspections.

Food manufacturers service content

         For food manufacturers, we provide  professional  factory  management  evaluation   services, the main content

including  company quality system, food safety system, equipment management, raw material   quality  management,

process  management, finished product management, distribution, laboratory  inspection  technology,  environmental

health and  safety ,pest management,environmental policy, internal audit, R&D department and anomaly management,

etc. In  addition,  customized   checklists  can be provided  according to  customer  needs. With  the role of  third-party

notary and  professional  technical  provider, we  visit  the factory to perform the whole  production and quality control

in product  process to ensure that the  product fully conforms to  the production  plan and  produced   refer to  relevant 

standard  operation, so as to achieve production  control and  product traceability.On the other hand, to ensure product

quality,the productio  n process   is    based on  risk  management    requirements  and  comply with  relevant    hygiene 

regulations,SGS can also assist in setting up  monitoring points and testing items.

Logistics service content

       For the logistics companies, professional warehouse management audit services are provided, which mainly cover

product   temperature  management,  tally management,  product storage    conditions  and first-in   first-out    principle

management, etc., which  ensuring the  freshness and quality of clients' products. Meanwhile,  the  audit activities  can

conduct sampling tests for the food delivered by the clients to monitor the freshness and quality of the client's products

before and after delivery.

Third-party process monitoring service

      SGS can be entrusted to a foundry (OEM) to conduct process monitoring and review, which monitoring  processes

from   formula, feeding,  production   environmental   hygiene to finished product  packaging and   quality    assurance

inspection  related process then submit a comprehensive production process monitoring report. The buyer  can utilize

a third-party   production   process   monitoring  report to  ensure  that  the foundry (OEM)  comply with the   operating

procedure of the  brand owner.The third-party process monitoring service process is as follows:

Raw material supplier

Supplier management, raw material acceptance


Incoming material inspection, transportation pipeline confirmation, raw material ratio confirmation


Pipeline and tank confirmation, production process confirmation, semi-finished product inspection


Pipeline and tank confirmation, product batch confirmation, product label confirmation, product quantity confirmation,

finished product inspection


Storage location confirmation, storage quantity confirmation, storage environment confirmation


Warehouse logistics management, temperature control management


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