SGS provides a full range of catering services including hotels, restaurants, and food court

Food testing

The Food Service Department provides various food and agricultural products-related tests, and the services provided

are as follows:

  • Food nutrition analysis
  • Microbial Detection
  • Pesticide residue inspection
  • Veterinary drug residue inspection
  • Food heavy metal, toxin detection
  • GMO / Species Identification
  • Food additive analysis
  • Sensory evaluation and food preservation test
  • Food fraud
  • Labeling audit of packaged food


Food hygiene and safety training

      Food hygiene training services can ensure that your employees comply with industry standards as well as food safety

and   hygiene  regulations in the   operation   process ,  by  which   reduce  the    occurrence   of    cross-contamination  of

hazard  factors  as  well as  hygiene  and  safety  issues. SGS  has    abundant   experience  in  hygiene  practice   training, 

employee  can  participat e in  relevant  courses to  increase their own     awareness  of  hygiene management  to  provide

consumers with hygienic and  safe food , reduce the chance of   food  poisoning and  consolidate the  company's    brand 


      In Taiwan, besides  providing  food  hygiene  training  courses,  we can also  design   tailored  hygiene training courses

based    on   customer   needs. Through  SGS   professional    food   teams and    laboratories ,  we can  provide   impartial

and  independent  inspection services,   risk  management  ,   customized  courses that  can   effectively     maintain  food

hygiene  and safety  in  product manufacturing ,processing ,transportation and sales. The relevant customized  enterprise

package course information  is  as follows:

  • Quality Assurance Series

    Food quality assurance system integration practice, food   factory internal  audit  practice, food safety

      control system internal audit and feedback practice

  • Quality Process Monitoring Series

    Food industry risk management, raw material  procurement  and  acceptance  management  practices
  • Food and Beverage Stores Management Series

    Hygiene training for catering service employees
  • Audit Training Course

    Supplier audit and quality assurance training for distributors
  • Calibration Practice Course

    Measurement and  calibration  management basic class , measurement  system application  practice

      class, measurement   system  quality   deployment and   design, measurement  statistics concept and 

      measurement uncertainty exercise.

  • Marketing Series

    Food labeling and advertising management practices
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