The elements of heavy metal are usually used on the material of electronic and electrical products

Recently, more and more regulations require that the heavy metal in materials should not exceed the prescribed limits. What kind of heavy metal element are used in material? The following table can provide a reference:


Element of heavy metal

Special application

Antimony (Sb)/Antimony Compounds

Semiconductor, solder, wire coating, flame retardant, paint, color masterbatch, dye, alloy

Cadmium (Cd)/Cadmium Compounds

Color masterbatch and stabilizer for plastic products, protection of surface coatings such as paint and glaze, battery/ accumulator and alloy used in equipment

Cobalt (Co)/Cobalt Compounds

Alloy, protection of surface coatings such as paint and glaze, catalyst, color masterbatch, magnet

Selenium (Se)/Selenium Compounds

Semiconductor, photosensitizer, lens, battery, color masterbatch, steel, pesticide, catalyst

Thallium (Tl)/Thallium Compounds

Alloy, fuse, optical glass, catalyst

Tellurium (Te)/Tellurium Compounds

Alloy, semiconductor, stainless steel, catalyst

Nickel (Ni)/ Nickel Compounds

Steel, alloy, plating, electric thermistor, battery, catalyst, color masterbatch, baking paint

Beryllium (Be)/Beryllium Compounds

Beryllium copper alloy, ceramic products, optical glass, aperture, catalyst, calcium carbide

Manganese (Mn)/ Manganese Compounds

Manganese steel, battery, additives, ferrous salts, semiconductors, catalyst, color masterbatch, brilliant varnish, desiccant, rust inhibitors, baking paint, oxidants, bleach, bactericide, gasoline additive

Zinc (Zn)/ Zinc Compounds

Color masterbatch, paint, desiccant, catalyst of rubber, flux, dye, adhesive, battery, filler, plating solution, metal surface painting, preservative, bleach, lubricant, PVC stabilizer, anti-corrosion agent, anti-dye agent, semiconductor

Lead (Pb)/Lead Compounds

Paint, battery/ accumulator used in equipment, color masterbatch, catalyst/ hardener of rubber, lubricant, glass, coating, semiconductor, plating solution, PVC stabilizer, baking paint, dye, ceramic products, insecticide, oxidant, gasoline additive, solder

Mercury (Hg)/ Mercury Compounds

Anti-corrosive paint for wool products, textiles and yarns, alkaline battery, relay, switch, actuator, transmission, electrode, color masterbatch, catalyst, preservative, bactericide

Organo-tin compounds

Anti-corrosive paint, bactericide, plastic stabilizer

Chromium (Cr)/Chromium Compounds

Color masterbatch of plastic and surface coating, paint, catalyst, plating solution, rust inhibitor, dye, surface coating of ceramic product, battery

Arsenic (As)/Arsenic Compounds

Semiconductor, glass, photosensitizer, preservative, metal adhesive, herbicide, insecticide, color masterbatch, stainless steel, alloy

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