The Labor Safety and Health Law clearly stipulates that employers should implement work environment testing in accordance with regulations.

Chemical substances and physical factors (such as noise and heat) in the workplace are potential factors that cause occupational diseases. In order to ensure the health and productivity of workers, employers should monitor the working environment to assess the degree of occupational exposure that may cause labor injuries. The Labor Safety and Health Law also stipulates that employers should implement work environment testing in accordance with regulations. SGS provides professional working environment measurement services to assist customers in assessing the hazard exposure status of the workplace in accordance with the law to protect the health of workers.


Occupational Exposure Assessment Consultation

We are committed to providing customers with high-quality occupational exposure assessment consulting services, assisting customers to understand appropriate exposure assessment and management procedures, in order to achieve the goal of improving the labor working environment and comply with legal requirements.


Quality Assurance

Work environment measurement agency approved by the Labor Commission (No. 030)
TAF accredited occupational hygiene laboratory (No. 1270)
With ISO 9001 / ISO14001/ ISO17025 certification


Measurement service

Carbon dioxide measurement
Noise measurement
Dust measurement
Lead and tetraalkyl lead measurement
Measurement of specific chemical substances
Comprehensive temperature thermal index measurement
Sampling and measurement of chemical substances in the air
Indoor illumination detection
Local exhaust equipment effectiveness testing
VOCs odor detection
Local scrubber harm removal efficiency test
Quality test of compressed gas for breathing
Indoor air quality measurement


Advisory services

Plan signing
Plan preparation
Plan declaration
Monitoring data upload
Chemical exposure assessment
Visits and counseling on occupational safety and health in the workplace
Occupational safety and health related plan writing
Assist in the identification of occupational disasters and the application of work suspension and resumption plans
Ventilation and local exhaust planning
Occupational safety, health hazard identification, risk assessment.


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